Training Classes & Certification

Ed and Pauline De Assis


Since 2006, Ed and Pauline de Assis have organized the RLBC’s coaching and training program. Known affectionately by all RLBC bowlers for their generous and supportive personalities, their program has been an integral part of the the club’s success, turning brand new novices into skilled bowlers.

Free Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:00 am. 

For more information or to sign up for classes, contact Ed or Pauline de Assis at (925) 943-2003.


At Rossmoor, to play on the lawn bowling greens, we do require that you get certified. This can be accomplished by completing and passing our training program which consists of attending training sessions and gaining knowledge of lawn bowling etiquette.

Once a player is certified, he/she are eligible to join the Daily Draws, Fun Socials, and Tournaments, and can access the green for practice.

Training Videos

These videos are available on YouTube.  Many more instructional, as well as informational, videos on the game of lawn bowling are available.

For more great instructional videos for beginners and experienced bowlers, check our Bowling Links Page.